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We are a global company with deep Canadian roots. From the beginning, our driving force has been to ensure that men, women and children get through the winter warm and comfortable. And because we come from one of the coldest climates in the world, we knew what was important. We develop and produce high quality sports and leisure gloves and mittens. Our customers count on products that keep the cold out and are durable. No matter what nature has in store ‐ the hands are well protected and prepared for anything.


René and Mathieu Auclair founded Auclair in 1945 in a small town called Loretteville, Quebec, as a family business of proud Canadian origin. Originally dedicated to the production of fashion gloves, the company began designing functional gloves for every type of winter activity ‐ from skiing and mountaineering to climbing and snowmobiling ‐ in the early 1970s. From its simplest beginnings, our brand has evolved into one of Canada‘s most prestigious companies. In 1990, Auclair was acquired by Paris Glove to create a strong and global glove company with a growing international focus. Today, as part of the New Wave Group AB, we want to use our strengths and expertise to ensure that world‐class athletes and active customers around the world can improve their performance every winter.

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