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About True North

True North’s history dates back to 1994. For 20 years True North has developed and designed clothing under the motto “Nordic Design for Nordic Weather”. The collection is very broad in most segments. What they have in common is that they are well suited for an active lifestyle, where high demands are made on quality and functionality.


Outdoor: Here you will find clothing that is equally suitable for mountain hiking and canoeing. We are constantly working on the development of materials and solutions. For several years we have been offering tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and shoes that can be worn for years during adventures in nature.

Active winter: We skiers know how important the small details, high functionality and good comfort are. True North offers a wide collection for winter sports on cross‐ country and alpine ski slopes. There are also matching accessories such as mittens and hats.

City Summer/Winter: A large number of garments suitable for everyday use in all seasons. Jackets for summer and winter, sweaters that keep warm and rainwear that keeps dry

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